Don’t Let Fear and Confusion Deter You from Saving a Lot of Money on Healthcare!

You are right, insurance companies do try to make things seem difficult and complex. The less you know the more difficult it is to ask questions and when you do ask questions, the answers are not what you want. So why not go simple? You can actually have fun saving money for your organization! So, what do you need?

  • A Proven Program

    One that has been used by many other employers that have been successful. If it has proven to be successful, there is no risk! It will make you feel confident

  • An organization that makes things simple

    They must be transparent and flexible. In other words they answer all of your questions and let you see what is happening with your healthcare program. Such an organization is referred to High Value TPA or Third Party Administrator.

  • A network that is almost identical to the one you are using now

    Why? Because you want to avoid what is called disruption. You want things to run smooth with little or no changes for your employees. Such a network is right here, in your location! Not only does it have all the hospitals and about 99% of your doctors, but it is about 50% less expensive.

  • Last but not least, a leader that can get past the confusion and complexity of Insurance companies

    A leader that will simplify everything for you. Most of all, a leader than can maximize your cost savings and do this without reducing benefits. As a matter of fact, that leader should make your plan benefits even better.

With all of these positives how can you miss? Are your really going to turn down as much as a 20 to 40% savings? What could your organization do with that money? It is real simple and there are plenty of folks to help you do it! So why don’t you get started, now?

The Amount of Control You Have May Determine Your Success

Healthcare is likely your 2nd or 3rd largest expense. If your organization has at least 125 employees, you will likely spend over a million dollars for healthcare. If you were spending that much money on any other project, would the CEO or CFO be involved? Why is healthcare any different?

If you are setting aside additional monies for healthcare increases each year, you are likely to be uninformed or have little control over your plan. Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Is that piece at your company’s expense? Is the status quo really OK?

  • Does your broker who is paid in multiple of ways by the insurance company really have your back?

  • Do insurance companies have your interest at heart or their pocketbooks?

  • Do Insurance companies give you rebates they receive from pharmacy benefit managers?

  • How much does the pharmacy benefit manager take additional money out of your pocket?

  • How do we get out of this vicious circle and leave the status quo?

  • Do you want control or do you want to leave control to the broker, insurance company and pharmacy benefit manager?

We are here if you need us and are willing to sign a letter saying we will not accept monies from anyone but you! We will even guarantee your satisfaction.

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