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IBC Launches New HR Technology

IBC announces the addition of an important technology assistance program that will reduce our clients’ HR work by as much as 80%. We are passionate about ensuring that our clients are efficient, accurate and productive. Some of the services included in this technology are listed below:

  • Personal Benefits Summary
  • Easy-to Understand Benefits Guide
  • On site Benefit Advisors to communicate benefits and assist with enrollments
  • A Certified Call Center with voice-recorded enrollment elections, call tracking and reporting
  • New hire onboarding management
  • Access for employee self-enrollment
  • Electronic file feed to your carriers each week
  • Weekly eligibility audits to eliminate billing errors
  • Reporting, calculations and employee notifications as required by ACA (Affordable Care Act)

Other special compliance assistance:

  • Track and report average hours of variable-hour employees to determine whether to offer or terminate health coverage for the upcoming stability period. Also available is tracking for variable-hour employees trending towards eligibility for health coverage.
  • “WRAP” Documents around carrier provided documents to ensure compliance with ERISA-required information. The “wrap” has been created by Core Documents, Inc. a leader in the industry.